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For over 40 years, Our data has been the first choice of libraries, publishers, and book distributors for their cataloging product and service needs. 

At E. F. Library Services, our focus is almost exclusively on K-12 libraries which allows us to provide the highest level of expertise for this unique market.

Dewey/Sears Database

Our Dewey/Sears database contains over 800,000 of the most popular K-12 titles (including Spanish titles). We focus our cataloging on the materials that are most popular in the K-12 collections: juvenile books, adult fiction, and popular adult non-fiction. In addition, we provide cataloging for thousands of paperbacks that are not typically available from the Library of Congress database. 

Our cataloging data includes reviews sources for publications like School Library Journal, Library Journal, Booklist, and Publishers Weekly. New review sources are added to our database on a weekly basis.

Since 1994, the new material in our Dewey/Sears Database has been cataloged using both Sears and Library of Congress subject heading. Use one or both – the choice is yours!

Full MARC Records that conform to current industry standards

Our Dewey/Sears MARC records conform to current industry cataloging standards:

  • AACR2 (Anglo-American Cataloging Rules)
  • MARC21 Bibliographic Standards
  • ISBD Punctuation Standards
  • Dewey Decimal Classification Standards

Reading Program Information

E. F. Library Services includes both Accelerated Reader and Reading Counts data in our MARC records. In addition, we include Guided Reading Level information in our cataloging. 

Full spectrum of options for your library’s unique needs

In addition to providing full MARC data, we are able to provide a wide variety of other products for your materials. These products include barcode labels, spine labels, circulation kits including a pocket and a checkout card, card sets, and more. We also provide reading program labels for Accelerated Reader, Reading Counts, and Guided Reading Levels. Plus, E. F. Library Services offers many flexible options to provide your library the custom data it needs.


Commercial Publishers & Distributors

To learn more about the products and services that E. F. Library Services offers, call us at 1-800-442-7332 or email us at Customer Service.


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For more information about how we can help you with your cataloging product and service needs, call us at 1-800-442-7332 or email us at Customer Service.

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