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Our data technicians perform each of the services we provide based on years of experience. Each data technician has spent many years developing their expertise. We guarantee nothing but the highest possible quality in the end product you get from us.

You'll enjoy working with people who understand the importance of doing the job right! We know that your collection and the data that represents your collection has to be accurate. We know that in order for your collection to be fully utilized your local call number must be maintained while expanding the data for your record to the Maximum.

We spend time with you setting up your order form so that what you want out of our service is what you get.

We return everything to you in call number order for easy application of labels.

Customer satisfaction is our number one goal.

Why hire EF Library Services to work with your data?

Exact match to the highest quality data: We know that the data that represents your collection is critical to your Patrons finding the right information and using the collection that you have dedicated so much time in creating. We search over 20 million records of MARC data to ensure accuracy.

Options available to you:Though quality of our job is not optional, there are many options you may select from our order sheet to ensure that you get what you expect from our service.

The Benefits to you and your library are immediately visible as your Patrons find the items they are looking for in your library.

Affordable: Most libraries would agree that our data service is far less expensive than they expected and that they could not afford to do this on their own.

Retrospective Conversion: Let us take the worry and the time out of converting your shelf list or other paper list to Magnetic Media in MARC 21 format.

Data Enhancement: Whether you wish to expand the amount of subject headings, add notations, or add Accelerated Reader information, let us inexpensively and quickly enhance your database.

Bar-code Production: We provide smart barcode labels in your call number order as an option with all our services. We supply high quality laser labels and protectors at an inexpensive cost.

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